Hillside Apartments

Hillside apartments is the best location to enjoy a peaceful and luxurious holiday on Bonaire. The location is on top of a hill and this is why there is always a fresh breeze blowing. Naturally the view on Bonaire and the sea from up here is beautiful, and even could be seen while you are swimming in the pool. The two pools together even provide the biggest artificial swimming area at Bonaire. Beside this, both swimming pools are MagnaPool swimming pools. The MagnaPool system is based on natural magnesium minerals and is a very soft treat for the skin.

Hillside apartments is owned and by Dutch people who love the island and the culture very much. We live on the resort so you can (almost) always contact us for any questions.

Where else on the island will you find the same quality and care for this price?

You are very welcome to visit Hillside apartments.

Reservations can be made by our reservation form.